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 Donations to the Cause

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Name: Myles
Discription: Myles .The guardian of Dracula himself. Myles was never given the choice, like other mortals that have been bitten, to either become or be eaten... alas.. Dracula.. Cruel and yet cunning. Sent a maiden with child dangling over the holding pits where his children's guardians are kept until daylight. After sustaining a bite he took care of her, until the day of Myles's birth.. being born a lycan.. he had the ability to transform at will... making him very useful to the vampire.. He would be loosened upon other lycans, to make him vicious..cunning..and strong. Until one day when Dracula was slain by Van Hellsing. With no master to keep him in check... Myles lived throughout the years in shadow...witnessing the turn of eras in human lives... up to this very day.

PostSubject: Donations to the Cause   Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:01 pm

Click "send money"
From: (your email)
Amount:(10 dollars or more)
For? (service)

and then click continue

pease donate. any amount over 10 will be great and your name will be posted in the forum so that u get proper recognition and your acount will be modified to any status u like the minimum offer to 8 dollars or more.

Monthly Goal For June : 60 Dollars or More
Current: $0
Satus: Not reached!!!


Top Donators:

{note} This money will also go to keeping your acount safe from hackers and adds

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Donations to the Cause
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